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Coffee Overload

Coffee Overload

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Indulge in the invigorating richness of our Coffee Overload Handmade Soap, a lavish treat for your skin that's as energizing as your morning cup of coffee. Overflowing with the goodness of fair trade organic Peruvian coffee grounds and the soothing touch of cocoa butter, this exfoliating soap is a luxurious addition to your bathing routine.
Aromatic Awakening with Coffee:
True to its name, Coffee Overload Handmade Soap is an awakening experience for your senses. Loaded with fair trade organic Peruvian coffee grounds, this soap offers more than just exfoliation. Coffee grounds enhance blood circulation, contribute to cellulite reduction, and even out skin tone. The naturally roasted coffee aroma that lingers will invigorate your senses and elevate your shower routine.
Cocoa Butter's Tender Embrace:
Enriched with cocoa butter, this soap goes beyond exfoliation. Cocoa butter's anti-inflammatory properties offer a soothing touch, helping to calm various skin conditions and working to fade scars. Let the tender embrace of cocoa butter envelop your skin, leaving it feeling rejuvenated and cared for.
Pure Exfoliating Luxury:
Coffee Overload Handmade Soap is a testament to the power of nature's finest ingredients, combining:
• Coconut Oil: A nurturing source of hydration for your skin.
• Cocoa Butter: A luxurious emollient with anti-inflammatory benefits.
• Shea Butter: Deep moisturization and skin nourishment.
• Sweet Almond Oil and Castor Oil: Nutrient-rich oils for enhanced skin health.
• Organic Peruvian Coffee Beans & Grounds: The heart of exfoliation and aromatic delight.
• Sodium Hydroxide (Lye): Essential for the soap-making process, fully neutralized in the final product.
• Distilled Water: The pure base that brings our soap to life.
Elevate Your Exfoliating Ritual:
Transform your daily shower into a sensory awakening with Coffee Overload Handmade Soap. Embrace the intoxicating aroma of coffee and experience the invigorating benefits of exfoliation. Allow the rich blend of ingredients to refresh and renew your skin.
How to Use:
Coffee Overload Handmade Soap is your gateway to exfoliation and luxury. Create a lather with water, apply to your skin, and gently massage using circular motions. Feel the coffee grounds invigorate your skin and rinse thoroughly for a revitalized and refreshed feeling.
Awaken Your Senses:
Awaken your senses with the indulgent touch of Coffee Overload Handmade Soap. Immerse yourself in the aromatic embrace of fair trade organic Peruvian coffee grounds and the soothing properties of cocoa butter. Elevate your daily routine with the invigorating essence of exfoliation.

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